Case Study

Tawni Haynes Pay Per Click (PPC) Case Study


Tawni Haynes provides high quality, unique clothing for woman directly from the designer herself. The brand seeks to make every woman feel beautiful, regardless of age or size. Their clothing line can be customized from personalized measurements to ensure it fits their customer’s perfectly.



increase in PPC site sessions since the project inception


increase in new users since start of PPC campaign


amount of total site revenue accounted for by PPC campaign


increase in Return on Ad Spend since project inception


Tawni Haynes began their online store in 2012, but first reached out to Volusion Marketing Services in 2015. They needed additional help tapping their target audience through search. One of their primary challenges is that visitors searching broad terms like “designer dresses” are typically seeking more traditional designers in large aggregate retailers like Shopbop and Nordstrom, instead of a specific stylized brand like Tawni Haynes.

Volusion’s Strategy

Beginning in October 2015, Volusion implemented a Starter PPC Services package to:
• Increase brand awareness and online reputation as well as product exposure via Google
• Establish an AdWords-based marketing plan for a new online store
• Create traffic growth despite niche target audience
• Ensure audience had multiple ways to shop/communicate with the company by including ad extensions
into their strategies

Moving forward we will leverage the strength of the Tawni Haynes brand to encourage sales growth and to introduce new customers to her innovative styles.

Erica Barnett

PPC Specialist