Case Study

Halo Headband PPC Case Study


Halo Headband provides high performance sports sweatbands created using their patented SweatBlock Technology that channels sweat away from your eyes so you can focus on your goal. Featuring Dryline® Fabric that wicks away sweat and absorbs moisture, Halo Headband has expanded their product line to offer sweatbands for any application.



increased in PPC site sessions since project inception


increase in PPC revenue since the project inception


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Halo Headband began their online store in 2006, but first reached out to Volusion Marketing Services in 2014. They needed additional help tapping their target audience through search in order to continue to see growth in a highly competitive industry.

Volusion’s Strategy

Volusion implemented a Advanced PPC campaign to:
• Establish an AdWords-based marketing plan to increase brand awareness and online reputation as well as product exposure via Google.
• Create new customer traffic growth despite being in a highly competitive industry.
• Explore new ad formats, extensions and platforms to increase user engagement with search ads including a remarketing campaign to keep their brand top-of-mind, earn repeat customers and to encourage abandoned cart users to return and complete their purchase.
• Increase quality score and ad rank by ensuring search and display ads are relevant and useful to customers.

“Halo Headband is a fun brand with a quality product so we want to make sure we’re keeping customers engaged and continue to explore new ways to create a great experience for them.”

Taryn Gamboa

PPC Specialists