Miller Media is a full-service web design and programming company. We provide full website builds from start to finish as well as database and applications builds leveraging APIs to create fully customized solutions for our clients. We have provided assistance on over 50+ Volusion sites and have a deep understanding of how to improve our clients' and partners' workflow to allow them to run their business more efficiently. Miller Media has worked with a wide range of clients from individuals to corporate clients like Hyatt, Redbox and Newark Interactive.

Miller Media's developers have proficiency in many coding languages including Python, PHP, .NET, Java, ASP, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3 and others. We have provided many creative solutions that enable businesses on Volusion to expand upon the platform's capabilities to create a unique experience for their customers. Below are some ideas on how you can use Miller Media's services:

• Automatically sync your inventory levels and prices with your vendor's product info
• Connect your store with your fulfillment warehouse so you never have to manually fill orders again
• Create a product builder 'wizard' for highly customizable/specialized products for your customers
• Deliver unique content to customers based on their location

If you have a creative idea, Miller Media can deliver an efficient solution.

What people are saying

  • Testimonial icon Tim F. (Fitness Superstore)

    “I never thought that I could say this about someone in the marketing/development industry, but I completely trust [Miller Media]. I visited their office and met with everyone. Everyone is very professional, and Matt was great and providing outside the box ideas, much of which save me lots and lots of money. Overall, Miller Media is very reasonable, skilled, and, most importantly, they have the mindset of thinking in the best interest of the client, not themselves. I certainly am good at reading people in this manner, and, in my experience, they are very trustworthy, and will tell me what is worth my time and not.”

    Tim F. (Fitness Superstore)

  • Testimonial icon Jacqueline S. (RhinoSystems, Inc.)

    “Miller Media has been a huge help to our Volusion website. It is extremely difficult to find technicians who are skilled in many web providers but Miller Media is. Upon researching several other companies for an issue with Volusion bandwidth, Miller Media gave us a different, OUT OF THE BOX solution that resulted in reducing our bandwidth at an enormous rate. Not only a pleasure to work with but also care about the outcome of your company.”

    Jacqueline S. (RhinoSystems, Inc.)

  • Testimonial icon Sam L.

    “I had an amazing experience working with Matt and his team at Miller Media. My company was required to deliver a highly customized Volusion plugin with aggressive timeline, but luckily we found Matt. Matt not only delivered a high quality product with reasonable price tag and fast turnaround, the sense of professionalism and ownership he demonstrated was unmatched among software dev shops that I have worked with.”

    Sam L.

  • Testimonial icon Ashley, Sweet Lady Jane

    “"Working with Matt from Miller Media has been a pleasure. Always consistent, timely as well as creative, Matt's thoughts and ideas have been tremendously instrumental in how we organized and developed our site."”

    Ashley, Sweet Lady Jane

  • Testimonial icon Trim Healthy Mama

    “Our company originally crossed paths with Miller Media shortly after implementing Volusion’s software as our e-commerce solution. We very quickly realized the absolute need to automate our web sale order completion process. Miller Media was not only the first of the certified Volusion Experts to respond, they were also the most reasonably-priced. They tackled our original requests in a timely manner and their communication during the process was top-notch. We’ve since counted Miller Media as an invaluable part of our overall team and turn to them for all of our development needs. Lots of developers have the skills. Very few ALSO have the ability to listen, communicate, stick to timelines and deliver like these guys do. We’ve actually stopped counting the many, many times they have literally “saved the day” for us.”

    Trim Healthy Mama

  • Testimonial icon Victor M.

    “Matt Miller and his team at Miller Media do an outstanding job of analyzing a business challenge and offering viable solutions. Matt has demonstrated competence at architecting technological solutions with an eye toward scalability and cost efficiency. He was quickly able to grasp some specific challenges we were having integrating a few key software systems in our business and took the initiative to communicate with those vendors as needed to design and create a software based solution for our problems. He continues to stay on top of the project and make necessary changes as our business needs evolve or inevitable changes arise from integrated products. Our business is stronger and runs smoother thanks to their help.”

    Victor M.

  • Testimonial icon Andrew S.

    “Working with Miller Media has been an entirely new experience for working with a developer. Constant communication and regular updates mean we know our projects are being worked on. They are true problem solvers – they’ve never told me something can’t be done. I don’t work with anyone else.”

    Andrew S.

  • Testimonial icon Peter C.

    “Matt and the Miller Media team are my most trusted developers! He has played a key role in many of my high profile projects and is a major asset to any creative team. Not only is he well versed in many web languages but he is also an excellent communicator. It’s always great to give him a call, brainstorm together and listen to his solutions. His skill set is top notch and look forward to working with him again and again!”

    Peter C.

  • Testimonial icon Darren D.

    “I give Matt and his team my highest recommendation as a creative graphics designer, social media marketer and developer. I’ve both been hired by Matt to manage SEM campaigns and worked with him on my clients projects as well. In fact I want him on every project that requires his skill set. I am consistently impressed with the extreme speed at which he is able to accomplish work (at superlative quality) and I have never met someone with better communication skills. Clients love Matt. He carries a combination of leadership, strong attention to detail/perfection, and of course results to the extreme. He is a “get it done” kind of guy with a tenacious mentality for success.”

    Darren D.

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