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To earn and fortify rankings long-term you don't only need the ability to optimize your content, you need a user friendly and therefore search engine friendly ecommerce site design that takes into account best practices for content structure and speed. Every website design we offer meets strict search and user friendly requirements.

Optimize the important aspects of your online store and earn rich snippet displays in search results with our ecommerce software. Improve not just organic rankings, but listing click-throughs to drive more targeted, motivated buyers to your products. You'll pay extra for apps with some ecommerce platforms that still won't match our standard level of optimization.

Video SEO

Video SEO

Easily embed your Youtube product videos to your product pages. We'll help you earn rich snippet displays in the form of video thumbnails in organic search results.

User generated content

User generated content

UGC in the form of product ratings and reviews not only helps you improve product sales, they are also very beneficial for capturing the additional, natural long-tail language of your target market. This bodes well with the search engines who will find, crawl and index this new content.

Automated XML sitemaps

Automated XML sitemaps

Everytime you publish new products and content, we'll update your XML sitemap and ping the search engines to crawl your new URLs. integration integration

The better you can communicate how your content is structured to search engine crawlers, the better they can assess the value and consider you for search result listings. We've taken the extra step to integrate into the core of our software and are striving to improve this integration so you don't have to worry about adding additional markup to your pages.

  • What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a collection of techniques and best practices aimed at improving a site's visibility in the organic search results to attract qualified traffic. For an ecommerce website, the prospect of being found through organic search is attractive due to the potential for targeted traffic and sales.

  • What is organic traffic?

    Organic (natural) search traffic refers to the unpaid traffic that naturally finds its way to a site through search engines. Most organic traffic originates from a search entered into a major search engine such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

  • What is the difference between on-page and off-page SEO?

    SEO can be generally categorized into two components, 1) on-page and 2) off-page optimization, each of which is critical to search engine success. On-page optimization involves developing your site's content for relevance to popular keywords, and ensuring that its code and content are correctly structured such that search engine spiders can index them.

    Off-page optimization refers to the quality and quantity of links pointing to a page, which are used by search engines to help determine authority and relevance. Many aspects of off-page optimization are not directly controlled by the site owner, but building quality content that is valuable to users can help make a site more "link-worthy" and contribute to its off-page optimization.

    Both on and off page optimization are necessary to achieve effective, long-term SEO success in most industries.

  • What is the difference between SEO and PPC?

    SEO involves building the content of a site for optimal search engine visibility to users entering relevant queries. SEO is a long term marketing activity and results take both expertise and time to achieve.

    Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing utilizes paid advertisements on search engines and sites to attract qualified clicks to a website. Advertisers pay for each click generated through PPC campaigns, with the cost per click determined by a competitive bidding system. PPC allows you to target specific keywords and have your advertisement appear when those keywords are entered by users.

  • How long does it take to achieve results from Search Engine Optimization?

    The time it takes to reach your SEO goals will depend on many external factors including the techniques used, keyword competitiveness, industry conditions and the age of the site.

    With proper on-page optimization, a noticeable increase in visibility for targeted keywords takes place fairly quickly for most websites, but on-page optimization alone is not enough to realize the desired sizeable increase in traffic in most industries. As a hypothetical example, when a page appearing on the 10th page of the search results is optimized correctly for its target keywords, it may move up to the 3rd page of the results in searches for those keywords. While a significant improvement has taken place, most users are not going to click through to the 3rd page of results, so traffic may not increase significantly without off-page SEO work such as link building over a period of months.

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