June 4, 2019

The Complete Guide to Overseas Expansion for Online Merchants


In the era of ecommerce, growing your online business by entering new geographic markets is easier than ever—at least in theory. Across the world, ecommerce is growing rapidly, with eMarketer estimating worldwide ecommerce sales at $5 trillion for 2021. That means there are more opportunities than ever to reach new audiences who may be interested in your products.

It can be tempting to try to expand into overseas markets due to internal team strengths. Just because someone on your team speaks Spanish and could help with translating your website and handling customer service calls does not necessarily make it a good idea to try to expand your business into Mexico.

However, expanding your business into overseas markets is more difficult than that. You’ll need to create an overseas expansion business plan for your online store complete with international shipping considerations, insight into overseas laws and marketing strategies, and customer service offerings for customers in different time zones who may speak different languages. Fortunately, we’ve collaborated with the experts at Super Monitoring to create the ultimate guide to overseas expansion for online stores.

Read the full guide below:

The Complete Guide to Overseas Expansion for Online Merchants

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